Print Code 39 in Windows Forms application using C#

13 Nov

I t  is quiet easy to print a Code 39 barcodes in Windows Forms application using barcode font or .NET barcode generation SDK for .NET applications.

1. Search one barcode font or generation control for Code 39. Or some tools able to create linear barcodes are OK.

2. Follow the steps and install the barcode control in Visual Studio.

3. Add this barcode to toolbox of VS and barcode item could be dragged and dropped on to the forms you need.

4. Add this generation SDK as project reference, barcodes could be created easily using C# sample codes.

For example:

BarCode code39 = new BarCode(); 
code39.Symbology = Symbology.Code39; 
code39.Data = "CODE39"; 
code39.BarcodeImageWidth = 175; 
code39.BarcodeImageHeight = 50; 
code39.N = 2; 
code39.I = 5; 
code39.AutoResize = true; 


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