How to Create Code 39 Image in Winforms Using C#.NET

16 Nov

It is quite easy to create and insert Code 39 into Winforms using C#.NET, but how to modify the image properties related to Code 39?

First, you need to install the .NET barcode generation SDK for Winforms.  Then Add “” to your Winforms project reference. For drag-and-drop implementation, you need to add “WinLinear” to your Visual Studio toolbox.

Now it is possible to change barcode image properties using C#.NET codes or by changing parameters in the property setting panel. Below demonstrates the image properties of Code 39:

Code 39 Barcode Image Color

The background color of the generated code 39 barcode.
Tthe foreground color of the generated Code 39 barcode image. Or you may use the default setting of colors.

Code 39 Barcode Image Image Format

Users are able to generate and print Code 39 barcode images in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats.
Set the resolution in DPI of the Code 39 barcode image.
Rotation options include 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees.

Code 39 Barcode Image Image Text

Able to show or hide the human-readable interpretation of Code 39 image.
To set human-readable interpretation color if needed.
Details, please refer to for data and size customization for Code 39 and other popular barcodes in .NET applications.

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